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   Possedendo a valid knowledge and a good dose of imagination and sensibility', we will succeed in giving at the most our message to the spectator,: "A beautiful Underwater Taping".



    Plunging himself/herself/itself with enthusiasm and creativeness' in the magic world of the underwater images, you and' an only parameter of reference: "The perfection."

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese


   Gli sea Environments are considered for a long time, the ideal subjects for the Underwater Tapings.

is able to give us, foreshortenings and images of great suggestion. The emotions that these places arouse, are extraordinary indeed. An assembled of surprises, both as environment that as technical effects, a new world all to discover and to valorize.

Her walls that sink in the bleu, the boundless expanses of posidonia, the desert plans of sand, the thousand hollow' that they open in the rock (Passage Madonna of the Mercy
Fotocamera),and then...

You life, the mysterious inhabitants that among those walls, grasslands hide him, they fight, they procreate (Warty Anemone
Fotocamera), they would have little importance for us but especially for the others, if they were Masterizzati on a good CD.

And' for this that to application, the Diving organizes some original resumptions, without modifying the I continue some activities', without influencing, the images Video and the Sounds, without additions and cuts, valorizing the everything (Gone out Passage
Fotocamera)and personalizing him/it with some graphic effects and titles.

You Cinematography has some well precise rules, and' a cocktail well mixato of rules and imagination, those precise rules that have addressed the Technicians of the Diving to elaborate the Course Operator Underwater Tapings, a fantastic course that has as end: "To create Operating in Video Took back Scuba divers".

... . .......