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    The Diving has two united of navigation, an one raft of 3,60 mt. with motor 4 Hp 4 times flexible of easy assemblage (in 5 minutes), transportable in every point of immersion wanted, brought 5 people, the other one a raft 6,00 mt. And three united' of move.



    Cartographies of the whole Calabrian coast and Sicily.

Attrezzature per il carteggio

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese

Conforming Antipollution EPA 2006

    With primary motor of 100 backup Hp of 4 Hp dollied transportable in every point d ' immersion wanted, brought 16 people. Both the united one have motorizations conforming to the antipollution laws EPA 2006 therefore programs can also be dispatched in the inside and protected waters, norm they are equipped to Us with: Kit of afloat Navigation equipped of: WHF I marinate; GPS Chart-Plotter; Ecoscandaglio; Binoculars for nighttime surveys also; Material for reparations istantaneea; Preparation: Hand hardcore fires and 2 signals to stars hand redheads, 2 smoke boettes, Cellular. Lifesaving belts for all the people embarked on board, Life belt (type conforming to the DM 20.04.1978) provided of top mt. 30 craft, utensil of emptying, still principal and of respect in steel inox with tops non inferior to mt. 30, a couple of paddles, System of alarm and antipanico for the people that remain on board, operator trained to the navigation without limits from the coast. Kit of 1 afloat help with operator to lend help, Kit DAN Oxygen afloat Provider with operator to lend such help, regulation lights in case of nighttime navigation, sonorous signal, light white torch with 2 elements of position, extinguishers, flag indicante sub in immersion, flag indicante the nationality of the sub, social guidone identificativo of the origin of the sub. The united one' of navigation they are covered by the policies assicurative vigenti and from the various taxes of parking corresponded.


    To be able to reach the places of immersion and to guarantee the transfers of the participants the diving and furnished of three united of move. One of small volume (Fit to be able to pass in the narrow passages), with course 5 people, with cart for transport equipment, two comforts and functional cars entirely combined course 9 people each with modifier of climate full optional.

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