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    From few years this monastery, relives with the arrival of some Greek Monks, returned by the Athos Mountain.


San Giovanni Teresti Bivongi


   Sono is from these restored Monks the rites, thousand of Pilgrims from Greece they come in Italy to visit this spiritual place: The Athos Mountain in Italy.

Interno allestito per il Culto Greco-Ortodosso Bivongi

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese


    S. Giovanni Teresti and' interesting also for that that l ' Byzantine art has left nell architecture and in the frescos of its Church. L ' apse, in fact, and a vague interlacement of tiles and of material lapideo, alternated by candid layers of mortar that the grace of this part makes dell very animated building. L ' archaeologist Paolo Orsi, writes: << As in all he/she asked her of this type, the part worthiest of admiration and the dome, planned on four mighty pillars, sorreggenti as many arcs of which two to everything sixth and the others two acute >>. << This dome approves dall I express it consists of a square drum sorreggente a circular, encircled by sixteen mullions in cooked, on which the low terminal cap abandons him >>. << Now this whole mass rossigna aggiuge Paul Orsi, on I break down him/it nereggiante of the woods and on that clear dell I sky, it produced a game of colors that was not casual but of sought after intention and wanted by the builders; to the how much different in the particular, but identical ones in the goal, it was the game of the policromia. Currently Mountain ATOS, with Monks returned in the mother earth Great Greece. Also the Toesca admits in this building an oriental influence and approaches him/it to the church him Saint Maria of Artik in Armenia. The pictorial fragments already remembered announce, according to him, schools and maestranze of sacred painters, certainly basiliani in frequent contacts with oriental maestranze. V ' was the relics of our S. Giovanni Teresti, they were the relics, confined for the space of years 540 but March 12 th 1662 with solemn procession formed by the Clergy, from religious more orders, from different brotherhoods squadronate under his/her own crosses and situated to the new Monastery, the convent and the church of S. Giovanni in Stylus (Church and Convent St. Giovanni in Stylus Stylus Fotocamera). The convent and the church of S. Giovanni in Stylus, but the boundaries, had been erect out at the monks of S. Francesco of Paola in 1625. Subsequently, in 1662 they got them the Basilianis that devoted the place to S. Giovanni Teresti, whose relics were transported here, as we have already narrated, the 24 June of 1847 the bishop of Squillace P. Concezio Pasquini you perform the recognition of the bones of S. Giovanni Teresti: the same day on July 8, in which in 1122 the pope Callisto II I consecrate, to the presence of Roger the Norman one already miracolato from the Saint, the convent of S. Giovanni << in nemore >>.


   A'. 340 meters high on the level of the sea, on a rocky spur, it polls Stignano, name that derives from the Latin " stenianum ", hamlet of Stylus, important the cylindrical tower of St. Threads with function of sighting and watch coordinated with the apparatus of defense against the Saracen and Turkish invasions (You Tower of St. Threads Stignano Fotocamera). In the same place a building-fortitude of beautiful invoice that dominates the underlying beach towers (The Castle of St. Threads Stignano Fotocamera).


    Not away from Stenianum, the commune of Riace, where August 16 th 1972, in a history some doubtful, accidentally the Bronzes of Riace were open (The Bronzes of Riace Fotocamera) .


    Private Ownership of the gentlemen Caristo, sita in the region Scina. Through an avenue he comes all entry of the villa, dominated by a monumental external staircase in stone, that salt from the two sides leaving the place to the center to a stupendous statue raffigurante Clorinda and Tancredi and at the end of the park the fountain marmoria of the dolphins (Villa Caristo Stignano  Fotocamera) .


    Imposing and stately the Surrounded Building and the Entrances to Stylus that I/you/they are five, one of the most important and suggestive the Door Stefanina (Stefanina Stilo Brings her Fotocamera). Near the entrances they detach fountains of notable beauty (Fountain Gebbia Stilo Fotocamera) l ' water that gushes out has some particular ownerships, a lot of diuretica and light, a lot of the people that come you to fill you the pitchers (Her Three fountains Pazzano Fotocamera).


    Attached to the convent that partly and still existing, it artistically has a fašade a lot of movement from niches, objects, broken and curved lines attestanti the unusual gratification of an elegant Baroque, without pretensions but deprived at the same time of the exaggerations proper of this address of art: an elegant and light whole that satisfies l ' eye dell observer. L ' interns to Latin cross, also introduces in the time of the aisle some round ones these shaped in forms polygonal representatives the death of Abele and the sacrifice of Melchisedeh. The priest's pianeggiamentis, of Abramo and l ' I reign of Caino they recall the way of the facts really of a painter to his/her first enterprises and we would not know whom to attribute these frescos to that however they would need greater attention. From the choir he enters a vain that from access to a staircase to snail, sets nell I intern of the bell tower. The convent preserves intact good part of the atrium in you tan worked in grey granite it races around with great airy arcades to a cistern, works of maestranze serresi, and properly from the teacher chisels Francis Canigli. The cells of the monks were provided of breadths fireplaces, some of which you/they still exist. They have gone destroyed the part that surrounded the refectory and the side close to the Church (Church St. Francis d' Assisi Stylus Fotocamera). In this time Guardavalle was one of the hamlets that it belonged to the university' of Stylus: they explain him so the relationships among the Lilio, the Sirleto and Gregorio XIII. Stylus was in his maximum to bloom for the florid economic conditions, for the building development, the beautiful and admirable entourage of its boundaries, as well as' for his a lot of churches and the conspicuous number of the cohabitants. They lived, over the Sirleto, the Campanella, F. Cozza and many other conspicuous citizens in the religious hierarchies, as to his/her time we will see. The actual dome of the church not and that ancient, collapsed improvisamente some decades ago. In the actual form was reconstructed for work of the hard-working priest of the time, mons. Vincent Pisani.

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