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   The Diving lends activity' of forecast, prevention, safeguard, guardianship, patrol and help in subject of public magnet', with prevalence on the Regional territory, but also National and International, in the full respect of the principles and the finalities' that you/they have inspired the normative one some laws in vigor and of those that will be emanated in subject of Civil Protection, from the competent government organs.

Presidenza del C dei M DPC Centro Polifunzionale


   The Diving has Formatori trained near the Center Polifunzionale of the National Department of the Protection Civil Presidency of the Suggestion of the Ministers. And' National Underwater Nucleus of the Civil Protection Recognized with Decree of the President of the Republic As Organization of Volontariato of the National Department of Protection Civil D. P. R. n. 194 of 28-02-2001. In the photo The Dr. Dormouses he/she trains the Formatoris of the Diving.

Addestramento DPC Dott. Moscardini

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese


     Da the disaster the "Jars to Soverato", that has seen operational 14 Divers of the Diving Center Stings Stylus for whole days, it is born "You Civil protection in Calabria" (Coat of arms Department National Civil Protection Diving Center Stings Stylus Fotocamera).

    From that dramatic history, the Civil Protection is begun not to intend her/it more' as "Assisted", but mainly as activity' of Prevention and Forecast. You stops by the Volontariato Singolo to the organized one, equipped, trained, self-sufficient.

   The Diving has structured Groups d' intervention Professional, with strong it persuades' d' intervention that sets the Team to the same level of the other components of Civil Protection. The Diving belongs to the operational structures of the National Service, sets to the service as it structures d' excellence in Special and Generic Help . Purpose and' the formation of a collective conscience of Civil protection. One of the more aspects' important and' the solidarity' and the goal of the absence of individual and collective profit. The more Vertex' tall of the Solidarity' and' You Civil Protection, that has origins very distant to the "Cruciform", because' and' solidarity' toward the whole community.

     The Diving makes his/her own professionalism available' and the leisure time, to such respect: Hocking himself/herself/itself in the Formation of the civil conscience, agreement as education of the populations of zones mostly to risk (Operation Medma Lezioni to Pupils and Teachers Fotocamera); In the understood Forecast as I study, identification and individualization of the calamitous events; In the prevention it turns to avoid reducing to the least one the possibility' of damages to the people and things, educating to the auto protection; To the Help developed in more' sectors but with prevalence to the activity' scuba diver; To the Overcoming of the emergency it turns to the overcoming of the initiatives that you/they hinder the resumption.

The desire as I sweep final and' to translate in complete appointment and I embody the civil moral sense of this choice of ours. L' adhesion and' automatically formalized, to the accomplishment of a' activity' with the Diving, previous consent.