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   Momenti of Formation of the associations and presentation of the plan: The secretary general Provincial Vincent Staltari; The executive of the sector environment and areas protected Domenico Cuzzola; The person responsible of the Sector Civil Protection Antonino Romeo; Officials of the Capitaneria of I Bring of Reggio Calabria.

Operazione  Spiagge Sicure Formazione



    Voluntary II of the Diving Center Stings Stylus in the supervision of the area of Monasterace-point Stylus.

La Postazione  Operazione Spiagge Sicure

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese


    From July to August on the most important bathing centers in the Province, has taken away the l ' operation sure Beaches.

Her at beaches have been looked to seen by ready personnel to intervene in cases of emergency, they are distinguished for this the volunteers of the Diving Center Stings Stylus, that you/they have taken part to the project: Alfina, Antonella and Mario; Carmen; Ann; Sonia; Joseph.

The launched plan Provincial dall of Reggio Calabria, in collaboration with the principal groups of active volontariato in the reggino, you/he/she has foreseen a series of activity' you finalize to the prevention of the accidents and rapid interventions of ready help, and to activity' various.

is been prepared real postings, in degree to observe and to signal situations to risk (Beach point Fotocamera), if they had to verify him in water, therefore to organize timely interventions.

The involved coastal countries have been: St. Ferdinando, Palms, Bagnara, Gallic, Bocale, Melito Porto Except, Bova Marina, Brancaleone, White, Siderno and Monasterace-point Stylus.

. to introduce the plan they have been the secretary general Provincial Vincent Staltari, the executive of the sector environment and areas protected Domenico Cuzzola and the person responsible of the Sector Civil Protection Antonino Romeo. Besides you/they have taken part the Doctor Pasquale Surace Manager of the Service SUEM 118.

also Introduces many Officers of the Capitaneria of I Bring of Reggio Calabria, which has been called to illustrate the procedures to the representatives of the Associations of volontariato to follow in cases of emergency.

You and verified that the normal services of assistance to the swimmers, are not of rule effected for a whole motivations, it doesn't complete that related to the difference' of the before sea backdrop.

L has clarified that: "They are these associations of volontariato of the it consults that they are the united one' preceded to such service, with the carrying out of the activities' of prevention avoiding states of danger in help to the united one' of the Coastal Watch."