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    The pupils and teachers of the Schools of Bagnara, reach the Area safety in the anticipated times.



    The Operators of the Diving Center Stings Stylus they prepare the equipments for the Lessons to pupils and teachers.

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese


  Impegnati teachers and pupils of the neighborhood Marinella Bagnara and of St. Ferdinando and Rosarno assisted by Policemen, Watch of Department of Internal Revenue and urban officers, the envoys of the Civil Protection understood the Diving Center Stings Stylus, has driven a simulation dell operation “salvation pupils.”

    Her teachers of the maternal and elementary schools of Marinella and St. Ferdinando and Rosarno have tried the preventive exercises to safeguard children and boys before it magnetizes her' natural becomes tragedies. Meanwhile the territorial coordinator of the civil Protection, ing. Alexander Amato, has underlined that <also the official Gazette brings the to persist some state of allerta up to all the 2003, in the hypothesis of the anomalous wave that should reach from the Stromboli. The authorities' scientific you/they have not dared to close this chapter that arouses so many fears>.

    And so' the schools of Marinella and St. Ferdinando and Rosarno keep on simulating the “safety operations”, keeping in mind that of Bagnara of St. Ferdinando and you/they are considered “areas of particular risk mareggiate”, over that seismic. <L ' operation of prevention and profit to reassure all of us and to be ready to every event> it observes the scholastic executive Antonino Giunta, that has prepared the teachers of the didactic circle to the simulations, worried about the threat that burdens on these zones. The “great wave” you/he/she is feared by the Sicilian and Calabrian populations seen not still the message d ' allerta of the Civil Protection and revoked state. For this motive the executive Sews together, in the last days, you/he/she had summoned the suggestion of the teachers to prepare the plan to effect the simulation preventive, so that' from <to accustom all the more schools' to risk to face all you/he/she magnetizes her' unpredictable>.

    You culture of the prevention, consequent also to the sisma that has tragically struck the school of St. Giuliano in Molise, you/he/she has induced to also program during the scholastic year this type of “lessons” practices for the evacuation of the plessis. The campanelles of the schools have played simultaneous to give the start' to the operations salvation: the teachers have timed the employed time it crosses the of it the road that estranges from the invasion of the anomalous wave.

    The pupils of the Marinella and St. Ferdinando and Rosarno have in fact follow a pre-arranged run, reaching the tallest zones in the populous neighborhood of the fishermen, whose inhabited area and more state' turned upset by the mareggiates. The test and well succeeded and a part of the plan is also considered valid in cases of a seismic alarm.

      The Associations have intervened alarmed by the National Department Of the Civil Protection, that you/they have performed a good job of evacuation (his/her Children brought in Safe Fotocamera), but also of demonstrations (The Volunteers Climb on the Curtains Fotocamera) and lessons.