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   La constitution of a net was fundamental - you/he/she has explained Dionisio Gallo - to guarantee greater safety to the Calabrians. In the Photo: The National person responsible of the sector Volontariato of the Department Civil Protection, Dr. Agostino Miozzo; The Alderman Regionale to the Civil Protection Dr. Dionisio Gallo; The General Executive of the Department Forestazione, Rosary Calvano.

I Responsabili della Operazione La Rete

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    Presentata to Catanzaro the launched initiative dall' Assessorato Regionale to the Civil Protection. A pool of 41 Associations of volontariato among which the DIVING CENTER Stings ready Stylus to intervene in case of magnet': the investment and' of 4 million of European (Around eight million the old liras)


    First a dream, since yesterday more and more' a reality'. You Calabria, earth of the emergencies is prepared to become region model really in the delicate sector of the safety. To announce "A sort of revolution, considering that he abandons the estemporaneita' of the intervention to systematize him/it" and' the Regional Alderman to the Forestazione with delegation to the Civil Protection, Dionisio Gallo. During a' crowded press conference to which, close to Rooster, you/they have taken part the National person responsible of the sector Volontariato of the Department Civil Protection, Agostino Miozzo and the General Executive of the Department Forestazione, Rosary Calvano, and' announces the constitution of a net of Civil Protection in Calabria. Fulcrum of the project brought forth dall' Assessorato driven by Rooster, 41 associations of volontariato, scattered some on the whole regional territory that, thanks to the funds drawn by the POR Calabria, they will receive the necessary tools to give life to a system of rapid intervention of help, sanitary and logistic. L' investment and' equal to 4.158.773 European (Around eight million the old liras) and the logistic organization of this pool of ready intervention stays of competence of the operational room of the Regional Calabrian Civil Protection. "The constitution of a net was fundamental - you/he/she has explained Dionisio Gallo - to guarantee greater safety to the Calabrians". You Calabria and' is particularly victim of the magnetizes' and to this intention the same Rooster has remembered the 96 Crotone flood, the esondazione to 2000 Soverato and he anchors the problems that have struck the territory of Favazzina in 2001. "We have gathered the occasion - you/he/she has continued Rooster - offered by the measure 1.6 of the POR to concretize the it conceives some Net. We have dispatched therefore the proclamation of competition and currently they are 41 the associations of volontariato in classification resulted the best and more' professional in the activities', with them we will stipulate a convention, furnishing him means and equipments that will have to be utiizzate in the cases of emergency". Of the associations interested by the project 14 are of the Province of Cosenza; 5 in that of Catanzaro; 1 of Crotone; 19 in the Province of Reggio Calabria and one and' to Vibo. The National Person responsible of the sector Volontariato of the National Department of the Civil Protection, Agostino Miozzo has begun bringing Manager Guido Bertolaso's regard, therefore you/he/she has set the I accent on the " validity' of a system of organisms of structured volontariato and organized on the territory and able to quickly engrave in the management of the emergencies. The realization of this system - you/he/she has said Miozzo - and' an important moment for the Volontariato and the Civil Protection not only in Calabria, but for the whole country". Miozzo has done therefore indication to one rich year of " Emotions" and of particularly difficult " moments From the earthquake that you/he/she has struck Molise, Puglia and Sicily to the determined Anomalous Wave dall' eruption of the Stromboli that Calabria has seen in first line in the management of the Emergency". Returning to the dramatic events of Molise, Miozzo has underlined the I bring essential of the associations of volontariato. "They have been 1800 the volunteers - you/he/she has said Miozzo - many of which you/they were Calabrian and all have been able to bring great comfort. The Civil New Protezione intends to stir more and more' on the terrestrial dl expansion of this sector". L' meeting him and' concluded therefore with the proposal launched by the Executive of the Sector of the Volontariato of the Department, immediately gathering dall' Alderman Gallo, to organize a course of Communication and information, between Calabria and Rome, destined to the components of the associations of volontariato and contemplated over whether to make to know the activity' and to facilitate the dialogue between the territoriio and the National structure.

Drawn from "The Tomorrow Calabria Tuesday' March 4 th 2003."

The deserving Associations (Her Associations of the Operation You Net Fotocamera) that you/they have profited in the Province of Reggio Calabria I am:

DIVING CENTER Stings Stylus (3 Special Help and 1 Loggistica and Help generally) - Brotherhood Of Cheerful Mercy J (1) - Association VOLONTARIATO Cinquefrondi (2 Sanitary Help) - Salty RANGERS INTERNATIONAL Joniche (1) - CLUB Radio Operating Cittannova (1) - ANPANA Condofuri (1) - KRONOS Reggio Calabria (2 and 3) - St. George Soccorso St. George Morgeto (1 and 2) - United Europe Galati of Brancaleone (1 and 3) - PROCIV Palmi (1) - Association The Eagles Reggio Calabria (1) - Echo CLUB INTERNATIONAL Reggio Calabria (1) - PROCIV ARCI Rizziconi (1) - Aster Taurianova (1) - Institute For The Family Gallic (1) - Blue Cross MOLOCHIESE Molochio (2) - Association St. Bartholomew Giffone (1) - AMPANA Reggio Calabria (1) - RANGERS D' Italy Reggio Calabria (1)