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   We continue our tour of the 10 dives that espletiamo More 'Belle the World Palau in Micronesia. Palau waters, a paradise for underwater photographers and more demanding. A top destination!

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    Palau offers a great variety of dives for beginners and advanced. Blue holes, huge gorges, spectacular drop-off and a huge variety of rare marine species are easily accessible in clear water with visibility exceeding 200 meters.

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    In Palau, there are wrecks of World War II. Many are not in any 'other side of the world, large pelagic predators, sharks, turtles, dolphins and marine closed the land of lakes, accessible by sea through the tunnels are home to jellyfish, anemones and soft corals. Palau and incredible. Class: walls encrusted with soft corals and sponges Technicolor. Not only are the barriers that make this place special, the same day (and sometimes on the same dive Fotocamera) can do a dive in some gorges (ravines Palau) Islands in the Rock formations of stalactites hanging from the ceiling like chandeliers. And 'one of the richest flora and fauna, both on land and under' water with 700 species of corals (Gorgonia Palau Fotocamera) and 1,200 species of fish identified. Blue Corner 'the most' famous dive site in the world and undoubtedly the 'most requested dive and say is the most' beautiful in the world. Not for the faint of heart, this is a dive at the 'cutting edge with very strong currents and unpredictable at times, but for those who have received training from the Diving Center Punta Stilo and supervision they receive no problem. These are the conditions that attract sharks, many in this drop-off at the base of the wall that goes down to 330 meters. The 'dive starts along both sides of the wall, down to about 30 meters to see magnificent corals (Gorgonian Fan Palau Fotocamera), anemones, eels and soft corals along the wall. The gray reef sharks keep their distance and the current draw of the Sea and Fish Eagles Napoleon came to power there attaches with a hook to hook, and connected to the BCD you can 'see waving in current spectacle of all forms of life fish, the most 'small attract more' great. This is' the great excitement of the Blue Corner 'and other' to be transported in the lower channels of sand where we expect thousands of fish, turtles, eagle rays, tuna, barracuda, triggerfish manta rays (Manta Palau Fotocamera) and Ben each of God (Pelagic Palau Fotocamera). The room chosen by the Diving Center Punta Stilo and 'Carp Island Resort island paradise visited by many visitors with adjoining Palau Diving Center' our partner (Palau Carp Island Resort Map Fotocamera). There are many activities' that can be booked, with the plane overflights of Rock Island, to tour with Kajack, hiking in the jungle, snorkel or dive in the lakes closed Jellyfish Jellyfish Lak where the pupulano Magistas (Magistas Palau Jellyfish Fotocamera), which now for centuries have lost their stinging tentacles and power. Beaches can not be described "Paradise by the Sea of ??Emerald." In short, as always, fun with Alfina and Mario and their Team of the Diving Center Punta Stilo.

  The Forces of Nature from Millennia retain the Heavens of Palau in Micronesia, we take comfort in the fact that the force of 'Man can not' delete these havens, the last that remain...

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