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Styli Valley Mystic  
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La Piramide  




    E' in the more point' tall of the Wood of Stylus, here three Provinces are united: Reggio Calabria; Catanzaro; Vibo Valentia.

    And' possible from this Pyramid, that him and' is truncate the vertex, and used as "Turret of Sighting", to see in the days of good visibility' the three Seas: Jonio; Tyrrhenian; Narrow of Sicily. All' I intern a stone with some Symbols Cuneiformi.

La Piramide nel Bosco



    And' an enough great stone, a Monolita, and it has two Symbols carved in the stone. A' other stone in the near it has a solo of these Symbols.

Gli Intagli Cuneiformi

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese


   Wants her to Discover and to make to know to the others, has done him' that the Diving Center was born Stings Stylus.'

And' innate this continuous search, to insert more and more' in the wedges, of the tourist itineraries in this very particular Valley. What has addressed us in these places, and' is "it Aims her", "L' extremity' ". In fact looking at a Map in relief of Calabria, there are aware that the apex of this Valley ended with a' extremity' to three faces. These three faces delimited the three provinces. Then apex was the point of union of the three provinces.

Asking information on the place was pointed out us that you and' a road that calls "U Triangulu" to the limit of the three provinces. There am not only three great rocks of stones that the perimetrano: Stone Sword; The Loader's stone; Stone of the Cattle one (Stone of the Cattle one Fotocamera).

A'. this point we have realized there that these sites could have to whether to do with the site Megalitico of Nardodipace, from them' a little far. L' alignment of various historical and prehistoric sites, in astute lines through the country you/he/she was noticed for the first time in the XIX century.

But it was the book of Alfred Watins The Old Straight Track, published in 1925 that it made to know this phenomenon to a more public' vast. Watkins had discovered a vast net of alignments that included embankments, menhir, circular monuments, prehistoric circles of stones, churches medioevali and similar. Him I call' these alignments, that usually race for quite a lot miles, "ley."

Watkins introduces the tests dell existence of ley in a lot of parts of England and Wales. Since then, other researchers have of shown that the alignments are identifiable in the whole Great Britain and Ireland. In truth', indications of analogous phenomenons exist in other parts of the world, as for example the famous lines of Nazca in the Peru' and the alignments in direction of Pueblo Alto in the Chaco Canyon in New Mexico.

So many are the things to discover one it would interest particularly us: "There will be also Astronomic alignments? For example with Sirio?