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   Offre the possibility' to whom has had never experiences of immersion, both snorkeling and with A. R. A. (Auto Air Respirator) to follow of the courses studied not on purpose for neophytes or for patented or patented scuba divers that want to improve his/her own techniques up to then to pass to Specialistic or Technical Courses.

Antonella uscita sorridente



   Courses are held in the "Peace of mind '," classes are for and what' can custom classes are held in more 'classrooms, there are many teaching aids available.

in front of You not c' and' the underwater instructor but a Friend Sub, that recommends You, is nearby You, it creates a' interaction, he reaches the "Free Associations", to a feeling.

The cordial environment, in the maximum respect of the participants he/she offers a' unique harmony, is of the moments that mark our life.

discovers you some true and new friendships, him because' to do really activity' scuba diver not and' to make competition, but to be all to the same level "Friends that are wanted to have a good time."

Her lessons in Delimited Waters and Free all are held to Sea, this' it determines a best preparation of it, him and' immediately in the natural Environment.

will have you' only a repentance "not to have begun first this activity' ".

Her immersions that are anticipated in the Progress don't effect him all in the same point of immersion in fact the Diving and' is the first organization in Calabria, that has studied a program that foresees 44 points of immersion that touch the Coast Jonica, the Tirrenica, the Narrow one of Messina.

This program succeeds to constitute a cultural baggage and of underwater preparation without equal, in fact all the courses are diversified for the demands to whose the objectives are directed.

Meanwhile it turns him for Calabria and they are known new destinations, new cultures, and new and true friendships are discovered.








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