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   UNDERWATER OPERATOR IS TERRESTRIAL In METAL DETECTOR The course and designate to be a sure introduction to I use him/it of Metal Detector in the various activities' earthlings and scuba divers of associations, corporate body and organizations, to the legal thin solos.

And' forbidden the archaeological recovery.



    Divas MEDIC FIRST AID & CPR Her fundamental rules of the first help are equal anywhere and they aim to save a threatened life. And' a course that and' usable also in the Contests as all the others

DAN OXYGEN PROVIDER to Perform the 1 help with oxygen in the management on the field of underwater emergencies, and of fundamental importance for all the scuba divers. More and more numerous examples point out that l ' I oxygenate therapeutic you/he/she can be the only one and the most effective measure of first help.

RESCUE DIVER Il course and the first step of the awareness of the scuba divers toward their companions. In fact in this progress it is begun to treat of the immersion and of his/her possible problems, not only from a single point of view, but also in a general optics of group.

Computer DIVING La birth, growth and affirmation of the underwater computers it has practically revolutionized the immersion, making her/it simpler and to the course of a greater number always of impassioned, that find this essential tool to bathe himself/herself/themselves in safety.

UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY Il Course and an introduction to the underwater photo, using equipments of various kind, the attention and it posts on I use him/it of cars for non expensive immersions and scafandrate.

OPERATOR UNDERWATER Raced TAPINGS Il and' designate to be a sure introduction and supervisionata, to operate in underwater taping in the various activities' earthlings and scuba divers of associations, corporate body and organizations, to the legal thin solos.

OPERATOR UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY Has as finality' the formation of voluntary experts in the guardianship of the submerged archaeological patrimony and to operate in underwater archaeology, giving the preference to the documentation and the safeguard of the sites. It is for this motive that in the progress the techniques are not taught, that can provoke an although' least destructive effect.

DIVEMASTER Raced of entry all activity' didactics with well separate assignments fundamentally: The students' supervision during the training and the organization and the management of groups of patented scuba divers in immersion.

BASIC INSTRUCTOR The Divemasater Idea (or compared qualifications) it acquires the certification after a course with a Scuba Instructor it Conceives, that will train him/it to the methodology and didactics, subsequently the Basic Intructor will be able' to autonomously hold the theoretical lessons and of waters delimited of the Course Open Water Diver, the courses Skin Diver, Introductory, more some courses of specialty.

INSTRUCTOR . the course you/they can participate the Basic Intructor it Conceives (or compared qualifications). Old positively the various tests and the final evaluation the new Instructor sara trained to release the brevets of the basic level; Participating in the special seminars of qualification will be able' to certify in the other levels, as well as to ask the qualification to teach the various specialties.