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   The SKIN DIVER And the course of snorkeling in which the student is trained to stir in a new element, in the theoretical part the physical laws that influence this activity are treated', the necessary equipments the techniques to be used.

The training is foreseen in the delimited waters and in the free waters with I use him/it some equipment of snorkeling.

Skin Diver



    MINISUB The courses minisubs don't absolutely train to the immersion, they conduct to the release of a brevet of it. In fact don't belong to the levels of certification it Conceives, but I/you/they have been studied by the Idea Europe to approach children and children of age to the scuba diver' inclusive between the 9 and the 11 years.

INTRODUCTORY Primo I contact with the underwater equipment and the immersion with Macaw. More that a real course and an experience, a walk accompanied from personal prepared and authorized to do him/it, in how much to a simple theoretical part, to develop with an aid of an illustrative profit, it follows a test in depth water' very limited. If the experience and liked him it continues with the course Open Water Diver.

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING And a day devoted to the relaxation and the fun. You begins with a lesson of theory, where you/they are developed some inherent techniques the immersion with aqualung, he continues with a lesson in delimited waters where such techniques are developed, and it set out us to the immersion in free waters accompanied to narrow contact with the instructor, that explains all the forms of met life in unique itineraries of the Mediterranean one. It is a real immersion of around 50/60 (Fifty / sixty) minutes, at the end a certificate is released.

OPEN WATER DIVER And the first course that it trains to the immersion in open waters in the limit of the -18 meters in couple under professional supervision. You develops in six lessons of theory, six exercises in delimited waters and at least 4 immersions in free waters. The age' least for l ' admission to the course and 15 years.

ADVANCED OWD Him Advanced Open Water Diver and the first one of the courses of advanced level; it aims to complete the knowledges of the patented Open Water Diver and to make to feel him new experiences of immersion. It consists in 5 exercises (Search and Recovery, limited or nighttime Visibility, Navigation, Deep, Rescue) preceded by the relative theoretical part it trains to always make immersions in couple under supervision and to the maximum depth of -30 mt.

ADVANCED OWD2 La qualifies you/he/she is released to the already patented scuba diver Advanced OW that you/he/she has participated in the courses of Star specialty Medic and Rescue Diver more another raced to choice among Deep Diver, Night Diver, Search & Recovery, Equipment, Dan Oxygen Provider. The certification attests that the holder has the prerequisitis to access the course Divemaster.







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