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    And' the fifth Chamber Iperbaric Portatile the first one in Italy to the Diving Center Stings Stylus, after the four delivered to the Marina Militare American, and' a Chamber of Decompression of Surface, brevet GSE, long 60 cms when in his/her container and 2,4 meters when ready to the I use. Conceived to the purpose of the decompression to make accessible in surface so that to allow one gone up again without tap, so' as the therapeutic decompression d ' emergency, and' is also projected as standard endowment to the succession of an alone couple of scuba divers.


    For transport in the impervious zones, the FlexiDeC is able' to be decomposed in six pieces, every content in the special backpack, and to be hedged in on the place ready all I use in less than a hour. his/her reduced weight and the contained dimensions allow the transport as baggage not accompanied of it on any aerial vector, so' as I employ him/it on board of a raft or other boat of small dimensions used as base of support for the immersion.

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  Lingua Inglese


    The Diving Center Stings Stylus that boasts any accident, also dipping himself/herself/itself with air aqualungs and various mixtures from the distant 1985, you/he/she has thought about structuring a managerial model of this Chamber Iperbarica, where there even though in the team of the emergencies a Specialistic Medical figure in treatment Iperbaric (You Dr. Carmela Gentile), a figure Nursery Professional (L' NP and OTCIP Mario Tassone), and the Technical Operators of Chamber Iperbaric Portable (L' OTCIP Alfina Carnovale and Antonella Tassone). Also making integral part, of Organizations of Training and Formation that are dealt with Medicine Iperbaric to International level, you/he/she has wanted to valorize in the choice of the Management in first place, the Professionalisms' of the sector Iperbaric Calabrese. It will have' as Structures of Reference the DAN (Divers Alert Network), the Conceives (International Diving Educators Association) and the TSA (Trimix Scuba Association).