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   The "Volontariato" and a potentiality' enormous that in the last years still more' him and approached to the Archaeology, but and a potentiality' that it goes' valorized without harmful confusions of roles. Innumerable, small and great realizations are gotten thanks to the contribution of characters "Scuba divers" of the world of the associazionism.

In the photo Alfina in the Temple Submerged of the Ancient Kaulon, with some of the so many important finds signalled by the Diving Center Stings Stylus, to pure title "Not profit."

Tempio Sommerso dell' Antica Kaulon


    Charismatically shows up her innovating, partly nonconformist, at times uncomfortable of the Prof. Nino Lamboglia, disappeared in mysterious circumstances and' surprisingly remained in shade but his/her teaching and by now patrimony of whoever you operate with methods and finality' scientifiche.  In the photo scientific Document compiled by the Prof. Nino Lamboglia from August 28 to September 4 th 1973 with reconstruction of the planimetria where the Bronzes of Riace were open and where in that country 28 rings were recovered in lead, a maniglione of the shield and other finds, to notice that the finds result all being positioned in parallel line to the magnetic North and with coastal reference to the only conspicuous point on the coast from Portofarticchio I bring Greek-Romano to the Tollgate FF. SS.

Rilevamenti del Prof. Lamboglia dei Bronzi di Riace

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese


    That of the Operator in Underwater Archaeology and' a particular work, many curious individuals, impassioned and the more experts' professional that are occupied of Underwater Archaeology, they have departed from a push that it rigorously was not scientific (Bronze of Riace Fotocamera).

   You discovery and harvest of ancient objects, and' well different thing of the modern Archaeological Science, purpose of the Diving Center Stings Stylus and to fight for leaving all the finds in situ, creating some enjoyable areas from the whole underwater world and not, and that not even a "Single crock" takes of the "crossbeam Streets", giving priority' privileged not to the "Recovery", but to the "survey (Surveys and Schedatura Fotocamera), documentation, schedatura."

The Diving has as finality' the formation of voluntary experts in the guardianship and of the submerged archaeological patrimony, that can operate giving the preference to the documentation and the safeguard of the sites.

And for this motive that the Diving has structured some courses to respect, Underwater Operator is Terrestrial in Metal Detector (Raced Metal Detector
Fotocamera) and Operator Underwater Archaeology (Raced of Operator in underwater Archaeology) in which come, you teach the techniques, that cannot provoke an although' least destructive effect.








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