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   Her waters of the Narrow one, preserve from millennia these beautiful fans of Gorgonie Bicolore, and' due to the game of the tides, to the union of the phs of the Jonio Sea and the Tyrrhenian.

La Montagna


   Sono of the excellent ones sprouts photographic and video, they are a lot of the walls it submerged of Calabria.

Margherite di Mare

  Lingua Italiano
  Lingua Inglese


   The Diving and member of the CPA (it Consults Provincial for the Environment) sector "Sea" of the Province of Reggio Calabria. Cooperates fully with many organizations and institutions .

Very he is doing for defending our gym, "the Sea", even if very and' the I hock. The Diving has the assignment, to bring the various environmental problem list to the Organizational Reception office, that has the assignment to take the due precautions and to activate him for the resolution of the introduced problems.

Among the manifold activities' that it develops very practical and' "Backdrops Puliti"(Fondali cleaned Bottle Fotocamera), that unites the activities' of training as it usually develops in the Progress Adavanced Open Water Diver in the test of "Search and Recovery" (Search and Recovery Fotocamera), to the profit and the pleasure.

Diciamo that the recoveries (Recovery with Ball of lifting Fotocamera) of material decontestualizzantes are very rare, in how much the Seas of Calabria are clean, but of the times the operates of sensitization and' to do.






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